- Are these sweets healthy?
We are the only candy that is high fibre (more than 6%). Fibres are good for our digestive system. But it is always wise to eat with variety, self-control, and as healthy as possible. Our sweets are made of honest and pure ingredients, with the fun aspects of candy and the delicious aspects of fruit and liquorice.


- What makes our products so natural?
We are trying to show you what nature has to offer. With our products, we only use natural ingredients with the highest quality of fruit concentrates that give you the recognizable flavour of real fruit.


- Why don’t you use any colourings and/or flavourings?
We are convinced that a tasty sweet can be made without these additives. Often you do not even know what is in those additives and how (un)healthy they are.


- Isn’t the packaging unfriendly for the environment?
In order to be environmental friendly, our packaging is made of material that is sunlight degradable. However, you do not need to worry that the packaging will fall apart when you are consuming our product.


- Where can I buy your products?
Currently, we are only selling in specific locations in the Netherlands and through our Dutch webshop. However, we are moving at a fast pace and we expect to have more points of sales very soon.


- My child is getting sticky hands from eating your sweets, is this normal?
Just like some other fresh products that contain fruit, or even fruit itself, you can get sticky hands. Our products are no exception.


- Where does the sweetness come from?
The sweet taste comes from the sugars that are already in the fruit, as well as fructose (=fruit sugar) and dextrose (=grape sugar). These were added since making sweets without it would lead to much too sour sweets.


- Can the sweets be stored longer than the "best before" date?

As long as our product is unopened, you can store it until the "best before" date. Once it is opened, it is recommended that the sweets are consumed within a few days.


- My product has past the "best before" date and now I see some white spots. Is this normal?
These white spots are crystallized grape sugar crystals. That is why we have chosen for our relatively short "best before" period, when compared to normal sweets.


- I am a vegetarian. Is the gelatine an animal product?
Yes it is, since the gelatine is necessary to get the right structure for our products. We are, however, currently researching other resources that can replace the gelatine.


- What are fibres good for?
Fibres are good for your digestive system. Also, the fibres in our products will make you feel satisfied and full, much quicker than traditional sweets. The portion sizes are adapted to this satiety effect and will prevent you from eating too much.

- Can I store your products in the refrigerator?
Sure, that's no problem. However, that is not necessary. But in any case, do store it in a dry place, at temperatures below 20°C.

- Do your products contain any gluten, nuts, grains, etc.?
Our products are allergen-free according to the LeDa/ALBA-list. Our products do not contain gluten, nuts, grains, etc.


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